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Aug 11, 2008 at 06:35 AM

Re-posting: WebDynpro + NWDI/JDI into Portal Application


Hello reposting this fromt the NWDI category in hopes of getting the answer..

A beginner question.. hope you can help. Thanks!


Hello all,

We are fairly new to portal development. Presently, we're executing a tutorial on WebDynpro component-based development under NWDI. Of which we have the following components : Dictionary, Java, Library, EJB, EAR, Web Service, WebDynpro.

After completing the application, we were wondering on how can we have it as an accessible iView in our EP?

Are we to create Portal Application Module or a Portal Application Standalone component and have all these components be referenced on this project? If so, how do we go about it? Are there any guides available?

I've browsed through this link - but it appears to be based on a different scenario.

Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.