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Barcode on ABAP list report

Mar 14 at 12:39 PM


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We have a requirement to print a barcode on an existing ABAP list (classical) report. I searched on the network and tried the suggested ideas, but none worked.

Any pointers to a tried and tested solution?



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3 Answers

Sandra Rossi Mar 14 at 08:28 PM

With an ABAP list, you don't have lots of possibilities ! It will be "easier" to install a barcode font (unless it's a 3D barcode or other special barcodes), use PRINT-CONTROL, and define the command for every printer model.

Or better convert your ABAP list into a SAPscript form or smart form, if your barcode symbology is supported by SAP, barcodes are "natively" supported (the barcode is generated as an image and sent to the printer, meaning that you don't need to install a font).

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Simone Milesi Mar 15 at 08:09 AM

Converting the output into a Smartform would be easier, as suggested by Sandra Rossi

An odd, really old fashioned way, could be following this ancient way from long time ago and equally old one blog

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Peter Wanschou Mar 14 at 12:58 PM


A 2D barcode is only a typefont. You can import a barcode font and use it. I think it should work ;) or you mean the abap list processor?



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Hi Peter, the requirement is to print it on ABAP list output using WRITE:/ statements.



As developer it's your duty to offer a better solution based on the business case/problem.

Just saying "yes" doesn't help you nor your customer/user :)

Just my 2 cents.


Hi Sandeep,

That is not a requirement. The requirement is to create a piece of paper with information and a barcode printed on it.

Requirements should never dictate what technique is used in fulfilling it, just what the expected outcome should be.

Please reject the requirement and aks the client to rephrase it without mentioning any part of the technical solution.

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans