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C4C Error when we try to simulate a Sales Order: No sales area could be determined

Mar 14 at 01:53 AM


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Hello SAP Community!

We are facing an error when we try to Simulate a Sales Order (the objective is Replicate the Price Condition from S/4 HANA)

After click on Simulate


We are getting these errors


Price procedure code is missing

(DEVCLNT102) Pricing data could not be read

(DEVCLNT102) Sales document was not changed

(DEVCLNT102) No sales area could be determined

In HCI the Request is processed correctly


In S/4 Hana I'm able to see the request too with successfully status (COD_SALESORDER_SIMULATE interface)


In the details, xml from that request I'm not able to see the <SALES_ORG> value field, is empty


Even though the system is sending it


So, maybe for that missing field we are getting the "(DEVCLNT102) No sales area could be determined" error

This functionality already worked, we do not know what could have happened?

Could you provide some feedback? What should we check? any mapping?

Thanks in advance!

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4 Answers

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Juan Carlos Camacho Garduño Mar 26 at 11:28 PM

Hi everyone, the problem has been solved. The solution consist on delete the Sales Organizations form the Administrator Work Center below Company and Replicating the Sales Organization from S/4HANA using the TRX SE38 executing COD_ERP_ORG_UNIT_EXTRACT program with the same Sales Organization we delete on C4C.

Thanks for your support and hope this answer helps.

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Juan Carlos Camacho Garduño Mar 14 at 11:27 PM

Hello guys!

Just to update

We found that the <SALES_ORG> is being sent by C4C (*MX01 in the image)


The iFlow is processed successfully in HCI.

The request arrives to S/4 Hana, but the <SALES_ORG> value field, is empty


This functionality already worked, there is no apparent reason for the issue.

But anyway, we double checked HCI, the "Request Sales Document Data from SAP Business Suite iFlow" and it seems there is no mapping from C4C 'SalesOrganisationID' to <SALES_ORG>, but not sure if this is the root cause???


There is another mapping from C4C 'RecipientSalesOrganisationID' to <SALES_ORG>, we dont know whats is 'RecipientSalesOrganisationID' purpose.


So, this scenario already worked, there were no changes at HCI level that's why no sure if this is the root cause.

Could you provide some feedback?, We also sent a SAP Support ticket

Thanks in advance!

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Keshav Harake Mar 14 at 05:16 AM

HI Juan,

Its helpful blog please check once !



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Hi Juan,

As Keshav mentioned, if go through the blog, it talks about the ID Mappings for Sales Area(Sales Org) data.

Kindly check your system for ID Mappings for Sales Orgs, also make sure you have adequate code list mappings for Distribution Channel and Division.


Shivanand B H

Shivanand Hangaragi
Mar 15 at 05:22 AM

Hi Juan,

RecipientSalesOrganisationID is the field which should be filled by C4C, with help of ID Mapping. This element represents the external id of the Sales Org. Since you had not maintained the ID Mappings, RecipientSalesOrganisationID wasnt filled, hence S4 didnt receive the Sales Org info.

Maintaining the ID Mapping should resolve the issue.


Shivanand B H

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Hello Shivanand!

The C4C functional team sent me this image about the mapping configuration.


Honestly, I need more details about the fields, I already ask them, but not answer yet about the RecipientSalesOrganisationID field.

Could you provide some guide, steps about where can I find by myself the ID Mapping Section with all the Fields details? To see if they are already mapping that field.

Thanks for feedback!