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Purchase order - Language setup

Mar 13 at 09:10 PM


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I noticed an issue that when PO is created with language as FR for an item for which material master does not have material description in FR , then there is an error message(depends on system message settings for ME095).

However when you create PO with EN as language in such case and change the language to FR just before saving the PO , then this error message won't appear.PO can be created in this way.

Pls let me know if this is an issue with SAP or am I missing something.


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1 Answer

Jürgen L
Mar 13 at 10:50 PM

If you have finally the wrong or even none material text in your PO then it is probably an issue for you.

However I wonder how long you can change the the PO language . In my system is this option immediately gone after the user pressed Enter.

Because after pressing enter SAP reads the master data and then a change is no longer possible.

What does this exactly mean in your case? Did you maintain the material text yourself and pressed enter for the first time at the very end of PO maintenance? Which text was retrieved in case you had not maintained the text manually?

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Language field is editable even after pressing enter anytime during the PO creation .

If I change the language field even before entering the item details, then after entering item details when I hit enter, the error message is displayed.-this is correct.

However If I change the language at the last step(before save) after entering all the data (pressing Enter button as well), then there is no error message.

The issue is that if the PO is created in a language other than the material text language, then the PO print form is completly blank .Another thing is that business also don't want to create PO if a language is not maintained in material master.they wanted the system should force the users, so that they will update the material master with required text and then proceed with PO creation.

Let me know.

kesavan sundaresun

you can only change your language that often or at the end because you have no text , as you can read in OSS note 80445 - Changing the language indicator in purchasing docs.