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Purchase Order PDF not getting triggered in mail for a Particular Creater of Purchase Order

Mar 13 at 07:22 PM


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Hi MM / ABAP experts ,

In the Purchase Order Functionality the Output is configured in the way shown in screenshots below :

SPAD screenshot of the Logical destination shown below :

As soon as the Creater of the Purchase Order saves and gives the Printout as shown in the screenshot below , Creater gets a auto generated mail with a PDF attachment .

While the other User who also is a Creater of other Purchase Orders doesnot get the PDF mail of the Purchase Order Output .

I am not able to understand the Functionality / Process running behind sending these auto-generated mails . The standard driver program of Purchase Order used in NACE is SAPFM06P . This Code has some subroutines with name adobe_print_output but when i trigger it using a break point , it doesnot trigger . Screenshot below :

There is no custom code to generate PDF in the driver program used SAPFM06P . This is a Script form for PO . As per my understanding , Neither it is being triggered by some Job or Work Flow .

Can somebody help me in understanding the Process which might have been used to generate these auto generated mail . But the auto generated mail has a custom text written which is as per the client .

Would be grateful for Replies .

Thanks and Rgds ,

Devendra Singh

SAP ABAP Consultant

1a.png (47.3 kB)
1b.png (67.4 kB)
1c.png (46.8 kB)
print-option.png (79.4 kB)
fm06pe03.png (19.2 kB)
1e.png (44.6 kB)
1f.png (65.9 kB)
1k.png (73.5 kB)
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Hi Jurgen ,

Thanks for the Learning Given . I will take care in future .

Do you have some opinion on the this Issue of Purchase Order ?

Best Regards ,

Devendra Singh

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3 Answers

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Jelena Perfiljeva
Mar 13 at 10:13 PM

In standard, "Print output" medium does not generate emails. Emails are generated by "External send".

Either you have some kind of custom code in the print program that sends emails instead of a printout (which would be pretty stupid IMHO) or somehow the device where the output is sent to is configured to send emails. I've never seen the device type shown in SPAD screenshot. Search in SAP notes, maybe there is some info on it.

What the screenshots show is not how it's configured, it's the result of configuration in NACE transaction. Talk to the local functional person and to Basis admin and ask what the deal is. This is not a standard behavior.

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Hi Jelena ,

Thanks for the Reply . On a similar issue as a resolution you have posted :

Jelena Perfiljeva replied

February 05, 2014 at 23:22 PM

This can be done by simply directing print output to a special printer that creates PDF instead of a printout. The device type PDF1 (or similar) needs to be configured in SAP and the users will need to have a special printer configured on their PCs.

E.g. we use CutePDF Writer and when I send output to PDF device in SAP, it just opens a printer dialog and then prompts for a pathname for PDF file. There are other similar programs available.


I am still not able to solve the issue . Please tell me in detail this part : the users will need to have a special printer configured on their PCs. How to do this Cuteprinter part ? Please tell in steps if possible .

Please explain this part in bit more detail .

Would be grateful for your help .

Thanks and Rgds ,

Devendra Singh


There are already many SCN posts on this. Google "how to use PDF printer". This blog is the top result. Also many things changed since 2014. At least in Windows 10, we now have PDF printer built in, so no need to use CutePDF software. Ask your Basis admin if you need more details. This is not SD configuration.

Your original question was about the email, not PDF printer though, so I'm confused what are we answering now...

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Thanks Jelena for the Reply .

Best Regards ,

Devendra Singh

Pawan Kesari Mar 13 at 11:04 PM

Printer defined in SPAD is sending output to user. You can print any output, ALV list for example, on this printer and it will be converted into pdf and send it to you.

I think, for user who is having trouble with email does not have email id setup against their userid (check in SU3/SU01).

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Former Member

Hi Pawan ,

Thanks for the Reply . The email id set up in sap in Correct .

Thanks ,

Devendra Singh

Jürgen L
Mar 14 at 01:38 PM

I am not really sure what you are showing to us.

The first screenshot has a medium 1 print out.

The second last screenshot has a medium fax which is not a print out and has usually no relation to a PDF1 logical printer.

In general it cannot have to do with printer customizing as this would effect all users who use this printer and not just a single user.

And so it is with the ABAP coding from your last screenshot, it can't have anything to do with the problem except you have there hardcoded routines with user IDs.

A PDF1 logical printer is supposed to convert the output into a pdf document and to send it to the user. this is actually defined in SPAD in the tab access mode. And it worked right away in my system in the very first attempt.

So my assumption is that your issue has to do with the fax as medium which prevents sending of a pdf document

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Good point about the Fax medium, I haven't noticed that. I'm guessing there could be a communication strategy assigned that would send email instead of a fax when no fax # is maintained. At least this would explain how an email is even triggered in this case.

Edit: in my last job, PDF1 printer was configured to trigger CutePDF program that saved (or opened) a PDF file. No emails were involved.