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Stock determination is not working on SAP WM

Mar 13 at 01:06 PM


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Hi Experts,

I’m implementing SAP WM on already running SAP IS-retail ECC 6. It has stock determination activated. It used in good issue processing for outbound delivery. But it doesn’t work when i use SAP WM.

Here’s the detail.

Current process is user create sales order, and then create outbound delivery, and do PGI (stock determination triggered).

To be process is user create sales order, and then create outbound delivery, system create transfer order automatically, picker will confirm transfer order and trigger the PGI.

When the system create transfer order, stock determination doesn’t work. It won’t withdrawn the consignment stock. Even if i create the transfer order manually.

Here’s the configuration i've done :

1.Define strategies for Stock determination

Header table

Site | SDG |SDR

DC03 | 0001 |0001

WM processing : ‘3’, Stock determination has priority

Item Table

St Type | Sloc | Priority

K | SA10 | 1

F | SA10 | 2

F | DD10 | 3

F | | 4

2.Assign SDR to application delivery

Itm Category | SDR

ZBVK | 0001

3.Assign SDR to application WM

Whse No | Mvt Type | SDR

W03 | 601 | 0001

4.Assign SDG to article master

Is there any other configuration should be done?

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3 Answers

Jürgen L
Mar 14 at 05:48 AM

was the delivery created after your customizing or is this an old delivery?

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Hi Jurgen,

It's created after my customizing. it's for testing purpose. Before i do customizing, stock determination is working fine. To use stock determination on SAP WM, i just need to assign the stock determination rule to application WM right? But when the stock determination should be triggered?


From configuration perspective everything looks okay . To my understanding if there is any issue then it is with WM processing : ‘3’, Stock determination has priority (try with other two value 1 or 2)


Ask your development team to debug fm : BF_STOCK_DETERMINATION and let u know what is missing

Manish Kumar Mar 13 at 04:55 PM

Consignmnet stock...are you passing the value in Special stock field


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Former Member

Hi Manish,

No, the field Special stock is blank and cannot be changed.

Do you have something in mind?

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Jürgen L
Mar 14 at 01:15 PM

In general I do not see anything wrong or missing from your described customizing.

However, the devil is in the details, or most likely in the part which is not told and not shown.

We have not seen anything from the document and cannot even say if the data from the document matches with your customizing.

We do not know whether your material is batch managed and where you determine the batch (SD delivery or WM)

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I already make sure that data in the document is matches with my customizing (site, sloc, item category for delivery, whs no, and mvt type). And yes they activated batch determination as well. Maybe that's the problem. Batch determination activated on SD delivery. I'll try to activate it in WM level and let you know the result.

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Here's what i have done.

1.Create characteristic (CT04) (already exist)

-Char01 Table/Field : MCH1/CHARG & MCHA/CHARG

-Char02 Table/Field : MCH1/LIFNR & MCHA/LIFNR

2.Create class (CL02) (already exist)

Class01 : Class type 023, Char : Char01 & Char02

3.Maintain WM condition table (use SAP standart)

011, WhsNo & MvtType

4.Maintain WM access sequence (use SAP standart)

WM02, table 011

5.Maintain WM strategy type (add class and sort seq)

Application :WM

Cond Type/Strat Type : WM02

Access Seq : WM02

Class : Class01

Sort Seq : SortSeq01

6.Define WM batch search procedure (use SAP standart)

Procedure : WM0002

CondType : WM02

7.Assign WM search procedure

WhsNo W03 : Proc WM0002

WhsNo W03 : Mvt 601 : Proc WM0002

8.Deactivate auto batch determination for delivery item category

9.Create condition record (LS51)

Whs No : W03

MvtType : 601

10.Delete condition record (VCH2)

And stock determination is still not working. Any other suggestion?