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Merge of News-Tile


we use the FLP@EP with the Newstile on NW 7.5 SP 09. We have two or more roles. For every Role we have a seperate RSS-Feed behind the Newstile. This is not a problem. The problem comes, when a person has both or more roles.

With the standard merging of iViews, one of the both Newstile-Configurations will be used (Pic. 1). But this is not so good, cause then the News of the second Role are not accessible anymore.

What we want is, that the Newstile merges its RSS-Feed-Sources (Pic. 2).

Is there any way, to perform this. Could I write a own merge-class or something else. Where could I send a feature request, cause I think I could not open an incident, cause the merge works on the level of iView. The Newstile is a special iView and needs a special merge.

pic-1-ist.png (19.7 kB)
pic-2-soll.png (21.1 kB)
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1 Answer

  • Mar 13, 2018 at 01:45 PM

    Hi Thomas,

    A solution that may work your scenario could be to just have one News Tile iView, and use a Fiori Plugin to manipulate the feed to display based on a condition of your choosing. For more information you can refer to:

    For the News Tile on Portal there is the NewsTileUtils-dbg.js which is responsible for getting and setting the RSS Feeds on Portal side (getFeedConfiguration).

    Best regards,


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    • Hi Nick,

      thanks, this is a great idea and would probably works for me. But I see, there is no set-Method

      {getDefaultImageConfig: ƒ, getFinalDefaultImageForDrillDown: ƒ, getFinalDefaultImages: ƒ, getUseDefaultImageConfig: ƒ, getCycleIntervalConfig: ƒ, …}calculateFeedItemAge:ƒ (c)getCycleIntervalConfig:ƒ (a)getDefaultImage:ƒ (e,b)getDefaultImageConfig:ƒ (a)getExclusionFiltersConfiguration:ƒ (a)getFeedConfiguration:ƒ (a)getFinalDefaultImageForDrillDown:ƒ (a)getFinalDefaultImages:ƒ (a)getInclusionFiltersConfiguration:ƒ (a)getRefreshIntervalConfig:ƒ (a)getUseDefaultImageConfig:ƒ (a)__proto__:Object

      Do you know if there exists any documentation oder API for the Newstile. Cause I think the locked the writing access.

      But this is my first look.

      Best regards.