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Regarding the timezone of expected delivery date and calculated dates in APO_SCHEDULING FM .


When we create the outbound delivery we need to do the either forward / backward scheduling using APO_SCHEDULING based on the requested date and committed delivery date from sales order. In our landscape we use APO for availability check scheduling & planning.

Currently there is existing logic in the user exit SD_ROUTE_DETERMINATION \ EXIT_SAPL0VRF_001 to do the scheduling. The existing coding is as below.

To do the scheduling we are passing the our expected delivery date time and also will pass the today's date time and timezone.

  1. To understand this scheduling functionality , the these both date times should be in what time zone when passing to APO for scheduling?
  2. And the return timetags ( dates) will be in which time zone ? Our SAP System timezone will be GMT + 1 . For my test DN in quality , DN shipping point time zone is GMT + 8 . Ship-to party time zone is GMT - 5
  3. What should be the rule of thumb when handling the dates and scheduling between ERP & APO ?

Thanks & Regards,

Praveen Chitturi

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