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BUG - Not required Activity Stream

Oct 28, 2016 at 08:52 AM


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I already got the impression in the past days but today I managed to catch a screenshot or two of the issue.

In my activity streams appears notifications from spaces and or people i'm not following


I'm sure i'm not following the SAP Supplier Relationship Management at all and I also checked if I'm following Chunrong but it's not the case

If I enter any post in my activity list and then go back and refresh, Notification from Chunrong is gone.

This one is a big issue since following tags is already a pain and if i found also unwanted activity becomes a disaster..

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2.png (31.6 kB)
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I started paying attention to activity stream, and yes - I can confirm that there are times when it gets "polluted" by stuff which on next browser refresh is not there anymore.


Maybe another piece of puzzle: it may have something to do with not being "properly logged in", I think...

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