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Crystal Report Database connector error

Hello, I need help with fixing a database connector error. I have a program that uses Crystal reports as a 3rd party reporting system and I took one of there existing reports (Which was made in version XI) and opened it in the newly installed crystal reports on my computer and made changes to this report but when I try to preview the report it gives me this error code pictured in the screen shot.


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2 Answers

  • Mar 13, 2018 at 09:45 AM

    Try changing connection type to OLEDB. This is very flexible and I have never encountered and join limitations.

    What type of joins are you using?


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  • May 02 at 07:29 PM

    Late answer, but you didn't specify the flavor of CR being used, only that the report is original to XI. Crystal Reports XI (2006) is rather old, you may find if you have a newer version you will have to open it in a newer client to save to your platform (if you are using a platform vs a Share Drive with everyone having CRViewer). Your client looks like 2008/2013/2016 (the look didn't change much from 2008 really). If you are using a BIP 4.2 platform you will need to convert to CR2016, or CR4E. But there are things to consider when doing this, as CR2016 is still native 32bit, and can only leverage universes (if you have them) that are .UNV format. CR4E is 64bit, and can leverage FHSQL and native connections on the platform (unifying your connections and support) or Universes (.UNX format), both in 64bit mode, which is more desirable.

    Ian is correct IF and ONLY if your delivery is via a Windows based Desktop/Server. IF your delivery is on a platform hosted on Linux or AIX (or other UNIX flavor) You will want to check th e CR PAM. You will find that things like ADO/OLEDB is not supported on UNIX. OleDB is more of a Microsoft/Windows solution. The generally accepted flexible connection is embedded with reports similar to OleDB, is JDBC, which is supported across all OS's. CR20016 will require this in JNI format, whereas the System connection used by CR4E is easier to setup (unless you have an SSL config; paths to the cert are required and these differ from Win to Linux) This will require some configurations also around your .sbo files in the data access folder. (I have also found that views in Oracle do not work through JDBC though, not that we have really used views. nowadays you use straight table injection and create views as necessary in the universe.)

    Hope this has been helpful, but isn't really a solution to your issue, more of suggestions on a couple of approaches to consider. You probably have solved this by now.

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