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Aug 08, 2008 at 11:04 AM

ENHANCEMENT-POINT / Enhancement in ECC 6.0


Hi all!

I have been searching for an answer. I have yet to find anything.

Anyway here's my question:

I am using an SAP provided enhancement point. (I think)

It looks like this in the code:

ENHANCEMENT-POINT me_print_po_01 SPOTS es_saplmedruck.

$$-Start: ME_PRINT_PO_01----



I double click on the 16 and entered my code. Then I looked at the properties and found the switch AM_SCH_MM was off.

So I created a business function via sfw2 included the switch AM_SCH_MM and activated the business function. Since I've been reading the forum. I activated my new business function in sfw5 as well.

I put my program into debug. It is still skipping over the enhancement. I'm sure I've missed a step somewhere as we are just implmenting from 4.5C.

Does anyone know why this isn't working? Or simply how to activate an SAP supplied enhancement. I've been reading on creating a custom enhacement and using a BADI. Do I have to do the same thing for the SAP supplied one?

Thank you,