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Hierarchy Formatting in SAP Lumira Designer 2.0 / 2.1

Mar 12 at 05:24 PM


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Hello All,

I am working on a POC based on the Hierarchy data using SAP Lumira Designer 2. 0/ 2.1. The user want see Top node Hierarchy in bold (formatted) and the child nodes need to be normal text (un-bold). Backend data is from SAP BW. I can see the Hierarchy in Application but not formatted. I have used conditional formatting to apply on hierarchy in Designer, but it is only working for Measures but not on Hierarchy display.

Can some one please help on this situation

I am working on two scenarios. One hierarchy coming from the SAP BW and need to format and second one is creating a custom hierarchy in BEx using structures. Want to work on how we can format both the hierarchy.

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Hello, are you using Discovery or Designer? Please let us know.


Hi Tammy,

I am using Designer 2.0 on BW Query as a datasource.



Are you using BEx conditional formatting on the back end too?


I am planning use Exceptions (conditional formatting) in BEx and want to give a try. But can we achieve in Designer with the help of CSS?

Venkata Jagannadha Raju Dantuluri

Hi - I would not recommend using CSS; I think it is best to use the BEx query where possible. You can also use it inside Lumira Designer - please see this blog


Hi Tammy,

Thank you for your suggestions. I have applied Exceptions in BEx on hierarchy but unable to achieve it. Exceptions are based on Keyfigures and based on their value we can format the Characteristic values. In my case I want conditional formatting on Hierarchy without using key figure values.

The only option left for me at the Designer side but I am able to see condition formatting on values but not on Hierarchy. Any suggestions please.

Thank you for your time :)

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