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How to add custom fields RTC model?

Mar 14 at 10:55 PM


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We are working on a RTC solution for the first time, now we have created the CompositeProvider to integrate (as Union) the VirtualProvider and the views that result of the RTC model creation and we are getting data, however, we just received a request from our client to include two custom fields to the model, these two fields should be populated by a specific business rule derived from Cost Center and Profit Center.

How can we implement this request?

We try to add these fields as attributes but it doesn´t worked for the data from the views.

We try also to create an additional HANA view with the specific data we need to integrate but it wasn´t possible to include it to the Composite as a join because the VirtualProvider in the CP doesn't allow it.

Finally, we try to add them as fields in the foundation view but we get an error message related to not having the same structure in ACDOCC.

What options do we have? Is it to modify the ACDOCC structure (SAP Note 2490888) the only one?

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Lucas Costa Mar 15 at 08:07 PM

Hi Bibiana,

What is this field? A simply concatenation of two fields or are you talking about a completely new field? Where is this business rule?

If it's the later option you can simply do something similar to what it's done with the Entity/PEntity fields. You need to implement the logic in the write back though if that needs to go back to ACDOCC.

If you're talking about a new field, it definitely need to be in ACDOCC otherwise as you saw the RTC model doesn't activate. Furthermore you'd need to stage wouldn't you?

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Hello Lucas, Thanks for answering.

I'll give you some more details. our client currently takes the Cost Center and decomposes its ID to obtain something that he names Area and Practice. And they do the same for Profit center. That's the business rule. These fields are really important for them, they will use them for all their analysis and reports.

If we were in a traditional process where we take information from FI and take this to an aDSO or Infocube in BW, we'll solve this by using Attributes or populate these fields in a transformation end routine. However, in RTC, we are taking the data directly from HANA views so BW attributes doesn't work and we didn't have any transformation to include some ABAP code to do this.

As I mentioned, we try some other scenarios, but they ended with errors.

So, if I'm understanding this correctly, the only option that we have is to modify the ACDOCC structure, right?

Why not add Area and Practice as Cost Centre attributes?

It's way easier to extend the info object (including the HANA view) than extending ACDOCC. Especially if it's based on the ID.

As a simple rule, ACDOCC shouldn't be extended if the field doesn't exist in ACDOCA. Bear in mind that, both tables share the same extension append structures, so when there is a extension in S/4 like CO-PA field or under the custom extension block those fields will be added to ACDOCC automatically.


Yes, we try to add them as attributes but we face some issues as we could map these fields only for the VirtualProv mapping, it wasn't possible to do the same for data from rtc model views. According to the documentation we create our Composite (union type) to relate Virtual prov and the RTC model views, which fields do you use to map to Area and Practice from HANA views?

As you said, we need to store data in ACDOCC including Area and Practice, so we will need add them to the table. In this case, we'll need to create a custom write back class, right? Do you have some information about how to do so? We used CL_RTC_ACDOCC_IPROV_WRITABLE and I'm finding some documentarion were a custom class is mentioned bu not the guide to do it. (

Thank you!


The writeback will do that automatically for you as it uses the mapping between the info objects and the view 09 fields to save the data (with the exception of the entity fields where in some cases can be derived of more than one field).


Thank you very much Lucas. We thought we would have to modify the writeback, it´s releaf not having to.

A last (isolated) question: We are working with SAP BW 7.51 SP02 and BPC 10.1, however, today our client is considering the option to migrate S/4 from 1610 to 1709, so we will have to migrate to SAP BW 7.52. We are trying to find the impacts on our RTC model that is already built. Have you ever worked an RTC model in version 7.52? Is there anything that changes?


There are a few things it will be different but from what I remember nothing major apart from the new UI.

Take a look at this guide:

Leila Lappin
Mar 14 at 11:56 PM


To customize we recommend that you copy the pre-delivered HANA views and add your customization to your copied HANA views. Furthermore, you need to create custom Z IOBJs as wrapper for /ERP/ objects and add any additional attributes to those wrapper objects. We created KBA 2607129 which addresses customization of RTC.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Leila Lappin

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Thank you Leila. Two questions:

1. Could you please, explain us a little bit more about the ZIOBJ as a wrapper for ERP/ objects? How can we do that?

2. When you said copy HANA view and add our customization, are you talking about the Foundation view?

If No. 2 is correct, we did a test where we copy RTC_C_FOUNDATION view and we add the fields we need as calculated columns, however, when we try to create an RTC model with these enhanced view, we got an error message. (see image below)

As you see, the error says that the fields that we add to the Foundation view are not in the ACDOCC table.

I've been searching and I found a Note 2490888 where It explains the steps to enhance ACDOCC, however, it's a major change so wwe are trying to find another option either in HANA or BW.



I have not done this with /ERP/ objects but I think the following process should apply plus you will have to point to a custom HANA view. From the perspective of what fields are available from ACDOCA and ACDOCC, those are beyond RTC and in the area of your S4H/finance team.

To create a wrapper IOBJ, using RDS1, create a new InfoObject and select the /ERP/ object as the "Reference Characteristic. Then you should be able to add your additional fields to it.

Best Regards,

Leila Lappin