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Aug 08, 2008 at 07:39 AM

Problem when try to thread an Adaptive RFC Model call inside WebDynpro


Hello everybody,

i'm currently forcing an problem when try to thread the code of calling an Adaptive RFC Model inside my WebDynpro program.

I have a program which calls some customControllers inside every custom controller there is code which contacts an Adaptive RFC Model and get data out of an R/3 backend system.

Now i wanted to gain up the performance of my WebDynpro application by threading each RFC call. So i created an innerClass in every CustomController and packed all the code which is responsible for run the RFC call inside the run method of my innerClass.

Inside the CustomController i provide a method which can be called from the ComponentController inside this method i call the run method of my innerClass. The return of this method is the current startet thread.

After starting all threads over the ComponentController i will join the results and bring them on display.

So the problem is now i get an Exception like this:

Error while try to access the Bapi modeldata (DeTeCard) classes, please check the assigned JCO COnnection inside the WebDynpro ContentAdministrator. Errormessage: null - -

The problem description is my own, but perhaps someone knows what the stack trace errors mean. It's very bad that sap so often does not provide complete and good error descriptions. I forced this so often in the past that the error returns are quite uneuseful or null!

Or is that an general problem of the WebDynproFramework, does it not support threading?

kind regards


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