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What are SolDoc reports in SAP SM 7.2?

Oct 28, 2016 at 08:44 AM


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Hello everyone!

SM 7.1 has tcode SOLAR_EVAR for document reports.

Now SAP SM 7.2 has only tcode SolDoc.

1. What are reports for export elements of Solution branch with atributes: owner, responsible, last change date...?

2. How can I export all elements of Solution branch in Excel file and to see what are elements which conflict with others elements of another Solution branch (for example between Maintenance and Development branches of Solution)

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2 Answers

Andreas Diebold
Oct 28, 2016 at 03:00 PM

Hi Dmitry,

1. Select global functions menu item reports. Shipped standard reports are:

Completeness of Documentation
Configuration Assignments
Development Assignments
Diagram Assignments
Document Assignments
End User Role Assignments
Executable Assignments
TBOMs and Test Cases by Executables

However reports can be adapted by customer by additional filters and by own coding.

2. Select global functions menu item File download. You will get a tab separated text file that you can open e.g. in Excel. This works in all lists an repors. You can filter a list by Change status to see all conflicts.

Kind Regards

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Former Member

Hello Andreas.

1. I can not run the standart reports. I have error.

2. What should I do that the menu item "File download" was active?

wzql4.png (33.9 kB)
ygwrh.png (27.0 kB)

This error is sent because Enterprise Search is not correctly setup in SOLMAN_SETUP or it has a problem. You can analyze it with transaction ESH_COCKPIT.

Vivek Hegde Nov 19, 2016 at 06:54 PM

Hi Andreas,

These soldoc reports look like a filter and the output is a table like below; are there any reporting or analytics (graphs, charts..etc), actual reporting when it comes to solution documentation?

My customer was not happy with this report output and in fact, me and my customer had hard time understanding the output of these 'reports'. :) Reporting in Solution Documentation is limited to filters and table output or is there any hidden features that we are missing as of SP03?

Is there any real analytics or reporting in plan for future releases of solman 7.2?

Looking forward to your insights.



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The reports just replace SOLAR_EVAL transaction in 7.1. These reports had also just table output. For Analytics please checkout the Area "Business Process Improvement" in our Solman Fiori Launch Pad. There you will find also some Business Process Analytics. If that's what you are looking for. But I am no expert on this matter.


Hi Vivek

I've suggested to SAP in the past already to build up a kind of framework or repository with elements (an idea basically) so we can more easily consume SolMan data in reporting solutions available from SAP. I would love to be able to easily consume SolMan data with for example BusinessObjects Cloud. The emphasis is on the "easy way" here. I need to look into those new features of SolMan 7.2 to see to what extent it has been improved compared to SolMan 7.1 because there are more options now in terms of dashboarding and alikes but I'm not convinced that this really fits what I had in mind in terms of reporting capabilities and easily consuming data.

Best regards



Hi Tom,

Agree completely. Easy consumption of data is important and it is about time to move ahead from those complex and uninspiring report outputs. I was bit surprised and disappointed after seeing soldoc reports. There is a exclusive tab called reports in soldoc. When I click that, all I get is a filtered table output which is like 10 -12 pages long. It basically puts a filter on Executable, Components, Documents etc. I was expecting somewhat like some 'intelligent' outputs like, Progress of Solution Documentations (for example modules-wise Financials, Logistics..etc) Or Assignment-wise (Users, Txn codes..etc). After all, soldoc is a continuous effort and whenever customer functional teams or business process experts are building the structures, they want to us see the Progress reports. This is a real use case, someone wants to know how much they have progresses in documenting Business Processes in last 6 months (Module-wise, Business Process-wise, Functional Area-wise ..)

My customer is implementing S/4 in a greenfield settings, so they want to know as they build us their process structure along the way, next 12 months, they would like to have a easy visualization on the soldoc part. SAP might say that all these are available in Focused Build, but FB can not apply to remaining ~90% solman customers who want to just have a easy & robust documentation and visualization. And no customer would be ready to buy FB just to have some nice dashboards and graphs, if they are not implementing/building any SAP solutions or rolling out any.

Appreciate your inputs here.