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Aggregation and Dis aggregation of Data Across Different Time Profile Levels in SAP IBP

Mar 14 at 09:12 AM


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Hello Experts,

I want to understand how the period weight factor works in IBP Time Profiles.

I have Day, Technical Week, Week, Month, Quarter and Year in the Time profile.

If I want to split the value for a week (say 500) to be equally divided into 5 working days (100 each). How should is model that in the Time profile?

I am attaching the Time Profile Snapshots.

Please help.





time-profile.jpg (125.1 kB)
time-periods.jpg (65.7 kB)
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Ankur Patel Mar 14 at 03:08 PM

Hi Basu

You have to be careful while using week weight when you have such requirement. In your requirement, you want to model as below -

Week Level - 500

Day level - 100

So, in this case, you will assign week weight as 5. But doing that you are saying that there are 5 days in a week. If that is your requirement you are good. But if you have 7 days a week and want to disaggregate based on 5 days that is tricky. Also, you have to make sure Time Periods are aligned with your requirement.

Not sure if you have gone through below link or not, but that will help you in your requirement.



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Hi Ankur,

Thanks for the response.

I have gone through the link you mentioned, but i have a clarification regarding the 'Tricky' part.

Where i am coming from, in APO, we had Period Split profile, where we could define the percentages for each day of the week. Now, if there are 7 days in the week and the value is 500, what should i do in the time profile so that the value dis aggregates into the 5 Working days equally i.e 100 each.




Hello Basu,

You can create time profile attribute DAYWEIGHT and assign it to day level.

Maintain DAYWEIGHT as 1 only for 5 days and blank for other two days and use this attribute in period weight factor in the key figure.



Hello Rohit,

Thanks for the response. This DAYWEIGHT should be maintained for all desired weeks in the Time Profile?

Is there a possibility of maintaining it once & it will be applicable across all the weeks?