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Aug 08, 2008 at 12:33 AM

Line Chart cannot drill down on legends and lines


I am doing a drill down Group report which will show the Sum of Last year's Sales By Country, State and city over a period of time(by date) for throughout the year 2007. Every group will have a line chart with Data title as Sum of Last year's Sales ($), Group Title as Date and legends displaying countries (or states or cities) as USA,UK,Australia. etc.. I have same sort of line chart for State and City as well. So, I got 3 levels of groups with a line-chart displayed in every group level.

Now, the problem is my drill down would not work on chart lines or legends as it would do for a 2-dimensional data chart like a bar-chart or pie-chart. In the Chart Expert->Data->Layout:Group ->in the On Change Of event selection I am able to specify either Sales.Country (or) and Sales.Sales.State. Both options would not let me get the correct linechart with correct data and drill-down working as well.

The only work-around i got is to display the line chart with legends and showing the Country(or State or City) names in a field in the Group Footer. The drilling will work on those fields, but not on the legends or lines of the line chart. This make my report showing the Country names twice once on legend (with no drill-down) and once on group-footer(with drilling ability to groups below) which is untidy.

Have anyone tried to make a drill-down crystal report on a 3-dimensional data like this? The World Sales report in Crystal reports C:\Program...\BO\Samples\General Business\World Sales Report is the best example of how i would like to see my charts to drill down. However, they drill down across a 2-dimensional data. I am publishing this Crystal Reports in Business Objects Infoview.