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Aug 08, 2008 at 12:07 AM

What is a "strange character"? How can one write such a note...


While fiddling with my personally best avoided "Java" I´m running to a problem while installing support packagees and found a matching note:

1170160 - Deployment of application, fails
2. There should be application.xml within the
   Check if there are any strange characters at the beginning of that
   .xml file. You might need a HEX editor to see them as they seem to be
   some kind of a byte-order marks breaking xml parse.

Something like that can only come from a developer, who was never sitting at a customers site.

I sometimes really wonder, if they are effectively so single threaded in their minds, that they really assume, all people reading that sentence will understand what they mean - with a "strange character" - or maybe the reason for this was the reflection of their face in their monitor (pun intended)... (and no, I won´t install a Hex-editor, I opened an OSS call...)


PS: the best note search term is "****" - try it and look into the code corrections...