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Recalculation Duty Types for Free Circulation Documents

Mar 14 at 08:02 AM


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I am facing an issue with the Duty types for the Free Circulation Documents. Currently for some of the Duty Types we are making the recalculation on the Badi and they are activated to perform our own calculations for duty lines.

The problem comes when I need to activate a new duty type to change the value on the BADI. These duty types are not coming through, although I have the same configuration than the ones that yes.

I have the flag checked for the Define Customs Duty Framework. framework.png

I hope is clear to understand my problem.

Does anyone similar issue? Or someone has an idea how to force them to go through the BADI?

BADI: badi.png

Thanks a lot in advance.



framework.png (51.0 kB)
badi.png (80.6 kB)
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2 Answers

Mouaz BEN REDJEB Mar 14 at 10:26 AM

Hi Luis,

When changing the customising of the duty framework, you have unfortunately to create a brand new declaration in order to see the new duty framework in the declaration.

The reason is any time you create a declaration, the duty framework is kind of copied and "frozen" in the declaration.

Please try to create a new declaration and let us know the outcome, if the duty framework is displayed as expected or not.



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Luis Iglesia Vazquez Mar 15 at 03:23 PM

Hello Mouaz,

Thanks a lot for your answer. When i activate the new Duty types on the Framework, as you said i create a new document in ECC and generate the Free Circulation Document in GTS. In this moment the new Duty Types didnt go through the badi.

Today i deactivate and activate again the Duty types in the Framework, then create a new example and it works. Why? I dont know.

But thanks a lot for your suggestion.



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