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Former Member
Aug 07, 2008 at 06:46 PM

(Redirect) - Noob to Business Objects - 404 Error


I'm a newbie to Business objects, but not new (also - not a pro) to web development and programming. Business objects has a scheduling front-end that I'm assuming is java-based. It's a page that can be accessed via the internet for internal computers only. Recently, we had a system upgrade and now the web interface that allows the scheduling of reports from client machines is not working. It's giving a '404 - not found' error (something to do with no matches for the given URI). The address bar appears as if it's looking for a '' page, but there is no such page in the directory tree. I've run into this before and just taken the logon.jsp file, copied and renamed it to and it worked (if by coincidence, I don't know). I've tried redeploying the 'webcompadapter.war' file and the 'desktop.war' file to no avail. If this is the wrong place for this thread please redirect it to the correct forum or point me to someone/thing that can help. ANY help is appreciated. Thank you.