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Subtraction of values from 2 columns in a row in Web Intelligence

Mar 13 at 03:03 PM


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I am very new to WebI and SAP in general. I have to subtract 2 Gross Revenue values of 2 fiscal period to calculate the percentage difference. Can you guide me a way to do it.

Sample Data Table: Segments SegA ( Fiscal period=1) SegA(Fiscal Period=2) Gross Rev $5800 $5400

I want another column Difference% with the subtracted value of 7.4% (i.e 400/5400)

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1 Answer

Mar 13 at 03:13 PM

i am assuming you have two objects one for fiscal period 1 and period 2.

try this.

=([Fiscal Period1]-[Fiscal Period2])/[Fiscal Period2]

if above formula will not work then create dummy format in excel with available objects and attach the screenshot here.

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Hi Amit,

This is parrt of my report as of now. So the table has different measures as KPIs and the segments as Dimensions. I want to subtract Advanced material segment for current month and advanced material for other period. You can see the formula I used, but since I used Where it gives same value in their respective adjacent columns.

webisample.jpg (66.3 kB)
Dan William

I would suggest to break the formula first and see if values are populating or not for both.

=Gross revenue where Fiscal period="3" (check if you place this only then what is the value displaying).

=Gross revenue where Fiscal period="2" (check if you place this only then what is the value displaying.)


When I separate the formula, then it posts values on the respective columns. For example $5,238,000 beside Current Month( Fiscal = "3")


Also, I only need for Current Month (Fiscal Period = "3") and Other Period (Fiscal Period ="2"). Fiscal Period is also a dimension that I have added as a filter on the Segment column which is why it got separated into 2 columns based on Fiscal period values