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How to transport new FMDERIVE step?

Mar 13 at 01:46 PM


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I went inside FMDERIVE, chose the derivation strategy, added a step (with conditions and rule values).

I clicked on the transport button and chose NO when it asked me to include rule values. It looks like this in SE01.

DV4 > DV3 > Q

This is the TR error in DV3:

fintr2.jpg (17.5 kB)
fintr.jpg (69.6 kB)
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Eli Klovski
Mar 13 at 02:29 PM


Check consistency of generated tables in FMDERIVE (via ABADRCHECK program). Sometimes, the tables are not generated with sufficient index information which might cause problems during transport. Also, check OSS note for some additional information:

1231815 - Predefined FMDERIVE tables are renamed during transport/CC



P.S. In all my projects, I was reluctant to transport FMDERIVE tables/strategies. I always applied the approach of creating the rules directly in the target system with optional replica in development instance.

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Thank you for confirming Eli! I actually was able to find the underlying cause for this. We will be opening an OSS message for this one as I am not able to regenerate the table.

I created step 15 above but the transport error is pertaining to a missing nametab for step 9.

For the transport procedure, in case of new steps, is my understanding correct - you also maintain the step (rule) directly? or just the step (rule) values?

fintr3.jpg (30.5 kB)
fintr4.jpg (88.6 kB)

No, also the step itself, not only the values.

You can try and regenerate step 9, i.e. re-defining the rule, putting aside the values and then reimporting them.

This is not unusual what happens to you. I don't think OSS would provide other solution, but in case they do, please, update your thread for the benefit of the others :)

Vanessa Barth
Jun 28 at 01:07 AM


I recommend to follow the instructions on this:

1730981 - Error ABADR013 or Runtime Error in SAPMABADR: Exception condition "SYSTEM_ERROR" raised

Best Regards,


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