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HANA ONE 64 - Error while saving HTTP destination values

Mar 13 at 01:28 PM


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Hi folks,

Recently I spinned up a AWS HANA ONE 64 GB system ( and tried to configure a LM transport route to our development system.

The usual steps to create a transport route are described in:

While this worked in the past on other machines without issues the current state of the HANA ONE AMI caused problems when defining the http destination.

Error while saving HTTP destination values
Storing credentials to the persistency failed - encryption failure: decryptFinal: wrong or inconsistent padding decrypted! 

I searched for similar errors but couldn't find anything.

Any ideas how to proceed or fix the problem? Glad about any help.



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2 Answers

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Former Member Mar 15 at 10:42 AM

After further investigation I think it is related to the CommonCryptoLib. I executed "sapgenpse" ->

Loaded CommonCryptoLib from sapgenpse folder"/usr/sap/HDB/HDB00/exe/"

Platform: linux-gcc-4.3-x86-64 (linux-gcc-4.3-x86-64)

  SAPGENPSE 8.5.15 (Aug 17 2017)
  CommonCryptoLib 8.5.15 (Aug 17 2017) [AES-NI,CLMUL,SSE3,SSSE3]
      Build change list: 231750


Environment variable $SECUDIR is defined:"/usr/sap/HDB/HDB00/hanaserver/sec"

Additionally the HANA version is:

HANA version |
HANA One version | Rev 122.60
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Mar 21 at 01:16 AM

Can you please check following things:

  1. Check that a correct path to the file SSFS_<SID>.DAT is maintained in parameter ssfs_key_file_path of file global.ini.
  2. Check if the file is actually available at the configured location. Copy the file from its backup location if it is not available. If no backup on the file system is available, the SSFS_<SID>.DAT file can be recovered from the SAP HANA Data backup.
  3. Check file permissions on OS level.
  4. Check the network configuration if the file is accessible from host.
  5. Check SSFS file from /usr/sap/<sid>/SYS/global/hdb/security/ssfs/SSFS_<SID>.DAT

amd, also checkout this article if it helps -

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Former Member

for new HanaOne instance check if the path is correct for ssfs file in /usr/sap/HDB/HDB00/exe/config/global.ini. SSFS key file can be found from /usr/sap/HDB/SYS/global/hdb/security/ssfs.

And after changing try rebooting the instance.

NOTE: please remember the changes and if an instance is not starting all required services please revert and restart.