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Wrong GST tax determination in Invoice

Dear Gurus,

Currently we are facing below problem with one of our indian client.

In Sales order SGST and CGST is being determined correctly based on region of the customer. But in Invoice, system is automatically determining IGST which is wrong because we have same region of plant and payer. Also Ship to, bill to and payer code is same.

Another thing to note is that condition record is not at all there for that particular combination but system is somehow copying it.

Is the any note missing during implementation??

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  • What is the result of analysis button for condition tab?

  • In Analysis it shows condition record available for SGST, CGST and also surprisingly for IGST which is then taken in Invoice. But in reality when i check in VK13 for same key combination for IGST then it doesn't exist.

    So my analysis indicates that somehow values from SGST and CGST are getting copied to IGST and then IGST is being picked for Invoice which is wrong because plant and customer region is same.

  • If IGST is also coming then create one order now for this date and check whether IGST coming or not?

    (Normally system checks Service rendered date as a base for condition record checkings for tax condition types,which depends on condition type controls at V/06 with field Pricing date-pl check that)


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