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Basic salary change in middle of the month

Hi Expert,

I have a new request for payroll as following:

Period Salary 01.03.2018-17.03.2018 95000 18.03.2018-31.03.2018 98000

Monthly salary calculation = 95000 + [(98000-95000)*14/30] = 96400

The proration is only happened on second period.

How to write PCR for this?

Thank you in advance.

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1 Answer

  • Mar 13 at 05:01 PM

    In your Payroll Log (execute Payroll Simulation for that employee, with the "Display log" box checked), look at the processing in sub-schema XAL0, specially at pcr XPPF and XVAL.

    As input to pcr XVAL, there should be 2 lines for the basic salary WT, and their valuation should be 95000*16/30 and 98000*14/30 respectively.

    Here is an example of processing in a modified version of pcr XVAL, where the first decision is on Processing Class 10 (as it should), but if the return value is 1 (meaning the WT being processed has PrCl 10 = 1), an additional query is made on the WT being processed ...

    Note that this particular processing may not be suitable for your scenario. Study your current processing, identify what, how and where to make your modifications, and test your changes, and then test them again through many scenarios (like retroactive mid-period salary change).

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    • PARTT for period 1

      PARTT for period 2

      Processing for /801 and /803

      /801 for period 1 = 99.5*1000000/182.5 = 545205.48

      /801 for period 2 = 83*1000000/182.5 = 454794.52

      /803 for period 1 = 17*1000000/31 = 548387.10

      /803 for period 2 = 14*1000000/31 = 451612.90

      Thank you in advance.

      patt01.jpg (21.4 kB)
      patt02.jpg (22.7 kB)