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someone help me in solving REBATE PROCESSING?

I'm unable to see the Rebate Amount in the pricing in sales order (VA01) and GL Accounts of Rebate in Billing..

If i maintain Requirement as 24 and Accrual key as ERU & ERB

the pricing is not calculated in the sales order

and please say me the Prerequisites & settings required in Pricing Procedure?



Thanx for ur answers

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4 Answers

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    Aug 07, 2008 at 10:21 AM
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  • Aug 07, 2008 at 10:57 AM

    Dear Arun

    In your Pricing Procedure, apart from Requirement and Account Key what you mentioned, please ensure that 7 is maintained in SubTotal.

    Also just for information, the rebate should calculate on Base Value + BED + Education Cess. So check whether the From-To are maintained with correct Step number.


    G. Lakshmipathi

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    Aug 07, 2008 at 10:58 AM

    Hi arun,

    Rebates Processs in SAP is divided into three components

    1) Configuring Rebates

    2) Setting Up Rebates

    3) Managing rebate agreeeements and payments

    Pre-requsiistes- Check the following:

    1.The payer partner needs toi have the rebate field checked in the customer master on the sales area-billing doc tab.

    2.The Billing type must be marked as relevant for rebates.

    3.The Sales Organisation must be marked as relevant for rebates.

    Condition Technique :

    Rebates, use the condition technique, but distinguish themselves from pricing in applying to transactions over time, versus on a transaction basis. Rebates have their wn field catalog and their own condition table naming convention.So you could have two condition table "001" one for pricing and one for rebates, which could have different key fields. You need to use the technical names A001 For pricing and KOTe001 for rebates when you use the query type using transaction SE 16..

    Use create access sequence (AS). Enter 1 in field category for rebate specific. AS after going thru the right path of maintaining access sequence for rebates.

    The big difference between the rebate and the pricing access sequence is that there is no exclsuion flag available for rebate related AS. This means multiple tables for an access sequence can be aplied at the same time.

    Rebate related condition types are identified by codnition class -C.

    After defining and creating condition types for rebated include them in the pricing proceedure. The requirement should be 24 here which implies that the accruals are calculated on the basis of invoice/bill.

    The other fields- alctyp and altcbv does not allow you to manipulate how a rebate is calculated. Also, remove the requiremnt 24, if u want to see reabtes at order time.

    Now payment of rebates:

    Payments can be maunal or in full settlement. When you do manual payments, it defines how much can be paid out during a partial settlemetn. You use partial settlement only when rebate agreement is defined for a full year but the paoyouts are supposed to happen on a monthly, quarterly or anyother specified period.

    These accurals are based on sales volume and when they are posted billing is created int eh follwoing manner. Provision for accruals is debited and Sales revenue is credited. When rebate credit memo is created

    Customer account/ is debited and

    Accrual provision account is credited.



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    Aug 07, 2008 at 12:43 PM

    Hi Arun

    You are correct.

    *You can not see the Rebate condition type in the Sales order.

    It will come into effect when you will create a Billing document.

    This is beacuse of the Requirement 24 assigned to the Rebate condition type in the Pricing procedure.*

    Requirement 24 means ,it is applicable only in the Billing document.

    So, process till Billing, I hope you will find in the Billing document.

    If not found, then check the activation of Rebate.

    Rebate must be activated for

    1.Billing document type

    2. Sales organisation

    3. Payer

    For posting to FI, put the Account key - ERB and Accrual - ERU in the Pricing procedure, check your Account determination also.

    Edited by: pradyumna on Aug 7, 2008 2:43 PM

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