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Factory calendar - inclusion of saturday as a workday

Mar 12 at 06:26 PM


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Hi SAP experts,

The company whishes to include saturday as a workday.

I configured it in SCAL transaction and it seems to work fine, but when we try to create a production order in CO01, we get the warning:

Date 17.03.2018 is not a working day (previous working day: 16.03.2018)

Message no. CO035

I am aware that it is just a warning, so it won't prevent to continue the process, but is there any way to stop showing it?

Thanks in advance, and best regards!

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2 Answers

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Jürgen L
Mar 14 at 01:49 PM

Maybe your calendar buffer is not up to date: see KBA 2581285 - Calendar buffer not reset automatically after implementing changes

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Hi Jürgen,

Thank you for your reply. You are correct, the current version of R3Trans we are using has a bug that doesn't execute the refresh of calendar buffer when transporting requests.

R3Trans must be updated by Basis team, but as a workaround, I ran report RSSCALT2. It refreshed the buffer and syncronized it, updating the calendar.

Thank you very much for your help.




Could you please check & compare your SCAL settings in Development & Production Systems( as it being not Transportable)
Also Check, the Calendar assigned for the Plant (T Code: OX10), & Calendar, that is changed/updated with SCAL are the same.

If possible , please share the screen shot, for the better understanding of your settings ( for the reported case)
Thanks & Regards : Raja

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Hi Raja,

Thank you for your reply.

I did the configuration on SCAL, where I included saturday as a work day

I checked on OX10 and the calendar for plant is correct.

I checked workcenters (CR03) as well.

Trying to create a production order on CO01:

Although is just a warning, users are complaining that the basic dates changes to the previous working day automatically, and they have to change back again to 17.03.2018 and confirm, leading to possible mistakes.

Is there any other configuration I should check?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


calend1.jpg (40.6 kB)
calend1.jpg (40.6 kB)
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