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Replacing COEP, COSS & COSP with ACDOCA

Mar 12 at 06:10 PM


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Hi Experts,

We are converting our existing ECC system to S4. We have a HANA sidecar where ECC tables are replicated and HANA models are built on top of it. After conversion to S4, I understand that few tables will be eliminated (COSP, COSS) / partially eliminated (COEP) with ACDOCA. To make sure that my HANA models in side car are not impacted I have to make sure that a for all kind of eliminations I have to have new table/ view created in side car system as a replacement of these tables.

Now when I see CDS views on top of these tables they are using some backup content or partially eliminating the table. For example:

COEP = COEP (value type other than '04' & '11') + ACDOCA(value type '04' & 11')

COSP = COSP_BCK + COEP (value type '11') + ACDOCA (value type '04')

Is there any possibility that everything (all value types) will be available through ACDOCA and we don't need to replicate/ consider other tables like COEP, COSP_BCK etc?



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1 Answer

Julien Delvat
Mar 13 at 01:39 PM

The new Compatibility Views in S/4HANA should contain all Value Types.

More information:

Hope this helps

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Hi Julien,

I have already gone through all these notes and docs. From there I understand the new logic to get complete set of COEP, COSP & COSS data, which involves ACDOCA + Other tables as I mentioned in my post above. What I am looking for is that-

1. Can we completely replace COEP, COSP & COSS just with ACODCA (no other tables like COEP, COSP_BAK etc used)?

2. If yes, what should be the logic that needs to be applied on ACDOCA for all the 3 tables?




1. Yes, it's feasible, but not as easy as it sounds, which is why SAP provided CDS Views COEP, COSP & COSS

2. Simply use the corresponding views COEP, COSP & COSS