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Former Member
Aug 07, 2008 at 06:05 AM

CMC database


Hi all,

I noticed when the BOE is installed, it prompts to install a copy of MS SQL on the same machine. Subsequently, the action of UN-installing the copy of the MS SQL seems inconceivable.

I would like to find out how can I sent up another db on a remote machine to house the CMC database? I looked through the help that came with the online help. It directed me to the mid tier intelligence section, all the says is that I need to point it to some remote database and it will work.

My question is that even before I can point the CMC to a remote db during the installation process, shouldn't I need to set up the schema first? What kind of tables do I need to create?

I am guessing that during the default installation of the MS SQL, the creation of the schema is already done?

Or BOE is has some built in intelligence to create a schema anytime it connects to a remote db?