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Diff in Total tax in PO & MIRO

Mar 12 at 09:15 AM


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We have multiple line items in a PO with a tax liability of 5% on each line item

Total tax amount calculation in PO

Step1) 5% tax calculation

Step2) Rounding off

Step3) Summing the line item wise tax amount

Whereas during MIRO Total tax amount calculation is ,

Step1) 5% tax Calculation

Step2) Summing the line item wise tax amount

Step3) Rounding off

Due to this a marginal difference ( rounding off diff) gets generated between PO tax amount & Invoice tax amount.

How to handle such scenario so that total tax amount in PO & MIRO remains same.

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4 Answers

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Sachin Jain Apr 09 at 04:04 AM

Hi Al ,

Issue gets resolved by implementing below mentioned correction notes



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Jürgen L
Mar 13 at 05:38 AM

See OSS note 2370366 - Line item wise tax calculation happening even after switching it off in India customization setting - MIRO

Even it is a bug fix, which is actually contrary to your situation, it explains which customizing is responsible to control whether you calculate item wise or total in MIRO

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Hi Jurgen ,

We are following UAE taxation procedure whereas this note seems to be fit for Indian scenarios.

But we still implement the same in our sandbox with no changes in Tax calculation process in PO .


Dibyendu Patra Mar 12 at 10:03 AM

Rounding off for each line item in purchase order is not a correct way. Whatever is happening in MIRO, it is correct. You should configure the same thing for PO.

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I have not configured anything for rounding off in PO. Can you pls guide from where I can configure rounding off rule in PO.


Then it might have been configured by your previous consultant. There are lot of documents are available in SAP community regarding the rounding off.

Just a note: Before changing anything, kindly consult with business team, your business team might had some scenario, where they required to do the rounding off for line item level.


Hi Dibyendu ,

As per my knowledge , we can round off by using 17 calculation type in the pricing procedure against relevant condition type. I checked the same , there is no alternate condition type formula linked to the pricing procedure

I also check with the respective condition type rounding off rule. It is configured as commercial.

I also check OB90 to identify the rounding off decimal places. there also we have not maintained any entry against our company code.

Apart from this is there any other config where we usually define rounding off rules for purchase order.

I tried to search net before posting but unable to find anything relevant.

Thanks !!


Just to give an insight of exact scenario , pls find below

PO Tax amount

etf9q.png (24.0 kB)
ecq3j.png (36.7 kB)

You need to investigate why is the tax amount showing 217.38 in purchase order as it should be 217.35 (4347X5%). Can you post screen shot of tax amount for each line items.


Hi Dibyendu ,

In PO , system is calculating tax line items wise & round it off prior summing it up whereas in MIRO , system is calculating tax on gross amount & then round it off. Will explain you with example.

PO Line items are as follow

Calculation is taken place as mentioned below

This is how in PO system is calculating tax & I don't know from where it gets control.


ebfqr.png (28.7 kB)
g4mta.png (15.6 kB)
Sachin Jain Mar 14 at 07:25 AM

Hi All ,

Would appreciate any inputs from your side to resolve this issue.

Thanks in Advance !!



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