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Input parameter with mulitple values in one string not working

I have a view with a parameter that will be used in a projection node filter. This is how I would like it to process:

1) User selects a customer group from a pre-defined list in Parameter 1.

2) In Parameter 2, it calls a stored procedure that takes the value from Parameter 1 as input. It looks up the list of customers for the customer group. It then assigns the list of customers in one string value, separated by commas to the OUT parameter. For example, 'ABCD','DEFG'.

3) The HANA view will then take this value and put it in a filter. The filter will read in("SOLDTO",'$$PARAMETER2$$').
This causes an error.

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  • I tried a different way. Instead of putting in the apostrophe in the input parameter value, I removed it. So it reads ABCD,DEGH as an example.

    I then created a calculated column using this value and added the apostrophe before and after each value. I created a test column to see if it will see the SOLDTO value in this field but it still doesn't.

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1 Answer

  • Mar 14, 2018 at 02:03 AM

    since you are passing multiple values to 1 input parameter.. the calc view behaves differently... it adds 1 single quote to the beginning and end of your string value.... try passing your value as.... 'val1'',''val2'',''valN' (start/end w 1 single quote and 2 single quotes in between value and comma -

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