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On Auto print, from vl10g screen.. GlobalOne R/3 VPR Production

Mar 12 at 05:58 PM


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On Auto print, from vl10g screen.. can only the 1st page of a pick ticket be set to print everytime, instead of all the pick ticket pages.. we only need the first page, because it has the bar code

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R/3 had its last release in 2003, since then the product is called ERP, in what release are you? And what do you mean with Global One and VPR?

What has VL10G to do with the chosen tag SAP Master Data Governance? In my system this transaction is under Logistics Execution.

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1 Answer

Angela Kupper Mar 12 at 10:19 PM

Valvoline GlobalOne R/3 - VPR Production -- is the SAP Logon name that we log into.. VL10G is the delivery due list to process customer sales orders into customer deliveries. We are a distribution warehouse, where we ship customer orders out. We have one particular section of the business, where it's on "auto print".. so at the top of the hour, customer orders that are placed by our customer service department at our corporate office.. as they release the sales orders, it automatically prints a delivery pick ticket, our material handlers get the delivery tickets off the printer, and pick and pull the delivery/pick ticket, and ship it out. we use rf scanners, so they scan the barcode on the top page of the pick ticket.. often times, each delivery/customer order could be 5,6,7 pages long and it just wastes paper, because they just use first page to scan from. is there a way that only the first page of the pick ticket/delivery could print, instead of the entire delivery??

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Wouldn't it make sense to talk about your requirement with the Valvoline SAP Support group?

What can you do if you would get suggestions to change the customizing or to modify the print program?

At least you should change the tags now by clicking the Actions icon in your question and then Edit, as it is clear that none of the selected tags is related to your question.