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Mar 12, 2018 at 11:20 AM

Hierarchies from BW to Analytics Cloud


Dear Community,

did anyone manage to find a good way to create hierachies in BW which then can be imported to SAP Analytics Cloud.

At our customer we have a 5 level based Column hierachy based on Material Attributes. It is currently impossible to import those attributes and merge them in AC (see description here)

Another option would be to create different InfoObjects, and combine those in a DSO, but again, it is not possible to import a DSO, and the problem with BW queries is that they need a common key, which would not be the case for all different attributes.

did anyone find a good work around for this?

Question 2: How to maintain the Master Data well in SAP AC

Also, how to then update that hierachy regularly. The easies way to import Master Data is via Public dimensions, which currently cannot be scheduled. Meaning that someone would need to manually update the master data before the nightly data load.

Importing it with the transaction data is difficult, as you need to map the master data with the transactional data and a date dimension.