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Aug 06, 2008 at 09:41 AM

selling & purchasing in subcontracting


hi gurus

my secenario is like this

1) I m issue my A class material on free issue challan with excise gate pass mentioning assess.value & duty on it.(availling duty to vendor)

2) then subcontractor add some component & charge me for labour charge + component cost + margin

3) when he sends my semifinish matrl B along with invoice saying below

a) my mtrl value = 100

b) vendor scope = 5 (labour charge + compont cost + margin)

c)excise duty on (b) = .....

d)excise duty on (a) =.......


e) ammount = .bcd ........(not "a")

f) Vat on (e) = ...............

so i am paying to vendor is only = e + f

so how i should map it.