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Can we change the Segmentation Object of an existing Segmentation Profile?

Hi Team,

Can we change the segmentation object of an existing segmentation profile. The new segmentation profile have all the attributes and some newly created attributes as well.

If it is allowed, please let me know the procedure. Should we be deleting the existing profile and re-create the same profile with different Segmentation Object?

Our concern is the authorization which is provided for the Profiles, while deleting the profile it should not create any inconsistency.


Deepu Pankaj

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3 Answers

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    Mar 25, 2018 at 06:36 AM

    Can we change segmentation object for an existing segmentation profile?

    Answer is yes, we can change segmentation object provided there should not exist any segmentation model saved and available for the relevant segmentation profile. In case, we change and try to open an old model then we will get error as shown below.

    An alternative to this as per the standard would be to create new segmentation profile for the new segmentation object. Now, for such cases, typical challenge would be the effort require in providing authorization to the business users. For big organization of multi-brand scenarios, providing authorization to all the brands would be complex and time-consuming activity.

    If the new requirement is capable to accommodate all the attributes of old segmentation object, then we have an alternate approach to do this change without even creating new segmentation object and profile. We can call backward or downward compatibility approach :-)

    Solution – Changing the Data source of the segmentation object :-)

    As we change the data source, we will be prompted with the below screenshot. Additional, Changed & Missing attributes count will display to confirm while changing the existing data source of the segmentation model as shown below.


    • Ensure that no segmentation models are available that have models with ‘MISSING ATTRIBUTES’. Here in above screenshot we have six attributes of such case.
    • If we remove fields from Segmentation attribute list but available in data source level, then existing segmentation model will still work by showing the missing attribute as part of separate Attribute group called as ‘REQUIRED ATTRIBUTES’. Below screenshot is that of an old segmentation model which is still showing the missing attribute under REQUIRED ATTRIBUTES.

    However, I would recommend going with the standard approach of creating separate Segmentation Object and Segmentation Profile. Later we can deprecate the old segmentation profile so that existing segmentation models will still work.

    Others please comment if there are any issue with the above approach of changing data source.


    Deepu Pankaj

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  • Mar 12, 2018 at 06:22 AM

    Dear Deepu,

    I won't recommend you to do that but would recommend creating a fresh setup for your use.

    In-case the Profile has not been used anywhere yet, you can do that! Please share screenshots of the transaction CEI_IMG -> Segmentation -> Define Seg Profile

    Best Regards,


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  • Mar 12, 2018 at 12:29 PM

    Dear Kunal,

    We have successfully replaced the Segmentation object of a Segmentation profile using REPLACE OBJECT option available in Segmentation Profile. Attached screenshot will explain.

    Only difference between old and new seg. Object is that we have added few new attributes based on different HANA views. Now we are able to see new attributes and attribute groups for the same profile along with old fields.

    Please find attached the step involved in changing Segmentation Object.




    Deepu Pankaj

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