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co-product in many boms, How system pick up a bom for costing in CK11N?

Mar 12 at 05:49 AM


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Hi Friends

I have this scenario, I have a product X without its own bom, wich is in two boms as co product:

Bom 1 (product A (header), co-product X, co-product B) (Usage Type is 1 (Production)

Bom2 (product C (header), co product X, co product D) (Usage Type is 1 (Production)

product X has co-product indicator ticked in CS03 and negative quantity, and co-product indicator ticked in master material (costing view).

Product A and C ( header) have co-product indicator ticked and have a production version in costing view 1 in material master and bom 1 and bom 2 run ok in ck11n using the same costing variant.

now when I am doing costing run in ck11n for Material X, system pick up bom 1, my question is why system pick up bom 1 and not bom 2?, in general when a material (co-product is in many boms) which is the criteria to pick up a bom for costing in CK11N for a material (co-product) without its own bom?

Kindly provide some insights, It will also be great if a SAP help link on the same is shared.



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2 Answers

Madhu Babu Moturi Apr 04 at 12:40 PM

Hi Ronald,

The BOM will be picked from Quantity structure which has maintained in costing variant. Check whether the alternative BOM is ticked or not in original BOM or can maintain alternative BOM in CS02 and try.

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Former Member Apr 04 at 11:22 AM

Hello Ronald,

I think it might be related to equivalence numbers entered in the material master of X. In MRP 2 view of the material X, in the joint production button, you might have entered equivalence numbers only for the materials included in BOM1. If that is the case, you can enter weights for co-products for which you want to cost depending on how you want to distribute the costs.

Hope it helps,


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