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Aug 06, 2008 at 08:23 AM

SSO and unicode issue


Hi experts,

I have an issue related to unicode and portal connection to ERP.

Here are the version of the portal and ERP:


SAP_BASIS 640, Highest support SAPKB64021 (unicode)

A user is doing a data load from a text file with special characters with the trasaction SM35, everything is fine if he logs in from the SAP GUI, but if he comes from the portal (SSO), special characters are replaced by "#".

In the portal there is a property of the SAP Connection Iview called:

Transaction supports unicode codepages (SAP GUI for Windows only)

I have done some test by loading data having the character "Æ" :

data loaded with the property set to "yes" (defaut value) :HREINSIT#KNI

data loaded with the property set to "no": HREINSITÆKNI

So it seems that it is the cause of the issue.

But the problem is that data in many other transations become corrupted on screen (special characters replaced by "#) if I leave the property set to "no".

How to solve that issue?