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BW4/HANA : Loading Inventory 2lis_02_BF questions

Mar 11 at 01:15 PM


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BW4/HANA 1.0 sp7

Trying to load Inventory, in BW4/HANA 1.0 sp7. The inventory model has split inventory corporate memory into two DSO's, regular and historic :

Normal : /IMO/CMMMIM02


documentation says that the HISTORICAL ADSO (/IMO/CMMMIMH1) should only contain the setup table data from OLI1BW and the non Historical ASDO /IMO/CMMMIM02 should not contain the Historical data. It also says that the load to the EDW layer needs to have the historical flag in the DTP checked when loading the historical data into D_MMIM10.

question is, given both /IMO/CMMMIM02 and /IMO/CMMMIMH1 have a subscription to 2lis_02_BF they will load the same HISTORICAL records on the init, which goes against what the documentation says to do.

Standard content only has a DTP from /IMO/CMMMIM02 to the EDW ADSO, so how his this intended to be handled?

Should both /IMO/CMMMIM02 and /IMO/CMMMIMH1 get the init from OLI1BW and then the load to the EDW layer is just from /IMO/CMMMIM02 with the initial request having the dtp historical flag checked and the subsequent ones having it unchecked and /IMO/CMMMIMH1 is simply a historic record of what was loaded in the initial init?

or maybe should the initial load into /IMO/CMMMIM02 just be an init with no data transfer?

please shed some light

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2 Answers

Bhavani Krothapalli
Mar 12 at 04:27 PM

Hi Gregg,

The flag "historic transactions" in the DTP is available only for EDW layer ADSO.

The corporate memory ADSOs are for reconstruction purposes only. If need arises for reconstruction, the data must be loaded from /IMO/CMMMIMH1 into

  • MM-IM: Material Stock – Quantities /IMO/D_MMIM01
  • MM-IM: Material Stock – Values /IMO/D_MMIM02

The Corporate memory ADSO /IMO/CMMMIM02 should only be filled with DELTA data. So you can create an INIT without data transfer so that the delta data can be extracted when it is available. The corresponding CM ADSO /IMO/CMMMIMH2 should be filled with

Due to the different settings in the DTP to extract historical postings collected during the statistical setup , the data is stored in two different ADSOs at the corporate memory.

PS: We have used 2LIS_03_BF to extract the data from OLI1BW and OLIZBW into EDW ADSOS

  • MM-IM: Material Stock – Quantities /IMO/D_MMIM01
  • MM-IM: Material Stock – Values /IMO/D_MMIM02

and the Corporate memory ADSOs /IMO/CMMMIM01 and /IMO/CMMMIMH1 as described in the help document.

The ADSOs /IMO/CMMMIM02 and /IMO/CMMMIMH2 are for 2LIS_03_UM.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards


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ashok nannuri Jun 22 at 10:06 AM

Hi Bhavani,

Thanks for your comments on it. Could you please tell me,how inventory is different in BW4HANA than in BW on HANA?



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