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Mar 09, 2018 at 06:36 PM

Web Services error in Data Services 4.2


Hi guy,

Have a problem with two web services in Data Services 4.2 SP9. To execute the job finish with a this error: "RUN-248005 Data flow [XXXXXXX] Transform [XXXXX] There is no response for the web service Ensure that the network, web server, and service are running properly."

I tried this solution but it did not work:

"Resolution 1- On the Data Services Job Server machine, make a backup of the DSConfig.txt file. - For Windows Job Servers the path is %LINK_DIR%\bin \DSConfig.txt - For Unixs Job Servers the path is $LINK_DIR/bin/DSConfig.txt 2- Open the DSConfig.txt file and search for the parameter "Native_Webservice_Call_Timeout_Miliseconds". 3- Increase the value to allow for the report generation to complete before the timeout value is reached. For example, to set the value to 300 seconds: Native_Webservice_Call_Timeout_Miliseconds=300000"

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards



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