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Bind xbo field in Embedded Component on Account TI screen

Mar 09 at 11:37 AM


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We are adding an Embedded Component on the Account TI screen. It has an AdvancedListPane which should list custom BO instances for the current AccountID. The AdvancedListPane does not get filled.

We have experience with similar solutions with an EC in a custom screen. With an EC as an extension in a standard screen it doesn't seem to work.

It would be very helpful to check in debugging if the EC inport AccountID parameter gets populated correctly from the Account outport. For this the inport parameter needs to be bound to a field in our xbo:

However when we bind the inport AccountID parameter to a field in our Customer BO extension (xbo) we get an error when navigating to the Account TI screen:

500 SAP Internal Server Error

The application running deliberately caused an abort with short dump.
(termination: RABAX_STATE)
    at new a
    at constructor._fireErrorOnDispatch
    at constructor.
Gebruikersinterfacecomponenten en
applicatieondersteuningscomponenten van huidige aanvraag:



500 SAP Internal Server Error

The application running deliberately caused an abort with short dump.
(termination: RABAX_STATE)


The same error occurs when we try to fire a BO action which is defined in the xbo from the EC event handlers.

Any suggestions on why it is not possible to bind xbo fields in the EC or to fire a xbo action from the EC?

Any suggestions on how to check if the inport AccountID parameter is filled correctly from the Account outport?

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1 Answer

Achim Werner Mar 10 at 11:43 AM

Hi Maiko,

you should not bind your inport parameter with your BO field. Instead fire an event in your inport and get your BO instance in the event with BOOperation Read. Here you can pass your inport parameter.

Regards, Achim

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Hi Achim,

Thanks for your response. Let me check if I understand correctly. I want to fill a custom field 'AccountID' in my Account xbo, so I can see the value in debugging. The accountID is an inport parameter of our custom EC which should be filled by the standard SAP account outport I selected.

The BO read operation should look something like this then:

/Root/Inport/AccountID is our inport parameter

/Root/AccountID is bound to the custom AccountID field in our account xbo (BusinessPartner extension). This again causes the same error I reported in the original post. If I unbind the field, the error is gone.

I think the custom AccountID field should be bound in some way to assign it a value. But how?

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Hi Maiko,

I think the type keyNavigation is not correct. There is a special type for alternative keys. But when I embedded BusinessPartnerSolutionExtensions into Customer TI, I used the AccountUUID.