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Aug 06, 2008 at 02:04 AM

SBO Application Migration to Existing Database Server - Process?


Hi, Our client currently has their SQL Server and App server separated for SAP Business One. However, they are keen to move these both onto the same box as the SQL Server. The Old App server is being decommissioned.

They are a small site, and have operated both database and app together successfully in the past. So although i am aware of the general recommendations to not run a database server and app server on the same server both ourselves and customer are happy with this.

The question i have is around the process re: the SBO install and whether we need to do anything with the SBO common database aside from a backup?

My understanding of the server install is a new or fresh SBO Common will be installed when the Server side install of SBO is done. However, as we are installing onto the Database Server their existing SBO common will be there already.

Will the server install overwrite the existing SBO common or just realise it is there and skip that part of the install?

Note: we are going to the same version 2007A for everything, so no PL upgrades.

Your advice on the process to minimise the downtime for the existing users on the old app server would be appreciated as the work needs to be done during business hours.