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EPMMemberProperty doesn't work for a specific member

Mar 09 at 02:48 AM


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Dear experts,

We have a dynamic report with TIME dimension as below.

A2= EPMOlapMemberO("[TIME].[PARENTH1].[2016.TOTAL]","","2016","","000")

B2= EPMOlapMemberO("[TIME].[PARENTH1].[2017.TOTAL]","","2017","","000")

C2= EPMOlapMemberO("[TIME].[PARENTH1].[2018.TOTAL]","","2018","","000")

On the row below, we have function to display just the year of those members.




From the web admin, I can see that all members have property value YEAR as 2016, 2017, 2018 correspondingly.

However, the function EPMMemberProperty cannot return value for member 2017.

I have apply note 2201768 - FAQ regarding programs UJXO_CLEAN_DIM_CACHE and UJXO_CLEAN_TDH_DIM_CACHE - BPC 10.X but there is no result.

Could you please suggest a fix for this?


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3 Answers

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Vadim Kalinin Mar 09 at 10:29 AM


=EPMMemberProperty(, EPMMemberID(A3), "YEAR")

You can set it in User Options -> Other: Use EPMMemberID in EPM formulas

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Vadim Kalinin Mar 09 at 09:19 AM

Please show report screenshot if you want an answer!

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Hi Vadim Kalinin,

Please see figure as below.

Our BPC NW has version 10.1.

Office Analysis or EPM Addin encounter the same issue.

Dau Hai Mar 09 at 10:37 AM

Hi Vadim Kalinin,

Your proposal works!

However, we have many existing reports that may have this issue. It seem to have something that make the particular TIME dimension member 2017.TOTAL doesn't work with the formula.

It would be great if I can understand if this is EPM bug and correct with master data.

Thank you so much.

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EPMMemberID is the correct way to create EPM formulas. If you don't use it you may have strange effects.

"2017" is a description of the member [TIME].[PARENTH1].[2018.TOTAL] - not required to be unique!

It may resolve to the correct member or not.

Always use EPMMemberID in your reports.


I am new to EPM. Thanks for your advice!