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Former Member
Aug 05, 2008 at 04:51 PM

OpenPGP encryption using bouncycastle in XI


Hi All,

I am trying to encrypt IDOC flat files with PGP encryption before ftp them to a remote server. I am using bouncycastle libraries. I tested outside XI using their sample programs. Everything works fine. But when I deploy to XI, I receive the following error messages:

"The provider BC may not be signed by a trusted party"

I tried with two different ways in XI:

1. Using Java mapping - this is not a standard approach. First, I have an ABAP map to convert the IDOC from XML to flat file. Then use the second Java map to encrypt the content. With this approach, I need to import the bouncycastle libraries into "Imported Archives". I think XI actually unpack the jar files during the import process. So it did modify the signed jar files from boucycastle. This error message makes a lot of sense.

2. Using adapter module - this is the recommended approach. I developed a module EAR and bundled the libraries and deployed to XI using NWDS SDM. But I still got the same error. I am going to try again with visual administrator and see if that will make any difference.

I am running out of ideas. Does anyone have successful experience using bouncycastle within XI? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!