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SAP BI 4.2 - Promotion Failure for document only

Mar 08 at 08:06 PM


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Hi everyone,

I'm experiencing a very strange behavior on one of my clients SAP BI 4.2 enviornment.

When I create promotion job containing folder, category or user access level it is successfully promoted.

But if I create a promtion job with only a webi document (even an empty one without datasource) it fails with this error message :

Commit Status=Commit attempted and failed., Promotion Status=Failure : Object has failed to promote. Please see the log for more details

I tried to look the log file but it doesn't seem to be more detailed :(

Any clue on what could happen ?

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2 Answers

Jawahar Konduru Mar 08 at 08:19 PM

Can you try Promotion Management from Destination system and see if you have the same issue?

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Hi Jawahar,

In fact the destination server could not log to the source one because of network/fw rules :(


this might actually be the root of the problem.
If they have firewalls and connection only works one way.

Per admin guide - bi-directional communication has to be enabled via firewall and servers on both ends need to be set with requestports.

Or you'll need to use lcmbiar to promote content.


OK so I'll wait for infrastructure guys to answer me about firewall rules they put in place.


it is weird, you mentioned if you promote with all the security, it works fine, but not just one webi document.


security/folders - no FRS actions or APS actions. Webi - FRS action, so if there is firewall, it'll fail.


I did not read the question properly, my bad. I thought if promoted the webi with security, it was promoted. I misunderstood.


Yes you probably right Denis.

The network guy give me the list of open ports and there are a lot of discrepancies between configuration in CMC and firewall rules... :(

I'm going to change ports in CMC and see if it completely fix my issue.


It seems that ports / firewall are the key...

In fact, I've changed certain ports on APS, AJS, CMS, FRS (In and Out) and now I'm able to :

- connect in promotion job from one environment (A) to another (B) and vice-versa (B to A)

- promote a webi from one environment (A) to another (B) : YES !


I still can't promote Webi from B to A....


Hello guys,

network guy open ports between A and B according to ports used by servers..

BUT it is still impossible to promote any object using FRS (ie UNX, UNV, WID,...) from B to A even if promote other objects (Rel or OLAP conections, categories,...) is possible.

Now it is even impossible to add a WID or UNX to promotion job...

Any idea ?

I'm going to try fix error with E2E... but I got no hope on this...

Denis Konovalov
Mar 08 at 08:09 PM

You'll need to run end to end trace and analyze it to see what's happening.
See KBA1861180 that has details on how to collect it and read it

and Promotion pattern book :
it shows how promotion works , so you know which traces logs to collect.

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Thank you Denis I was about to start trying doing this indeed.

I'll keep you posted


there is just no other way to know. error message just has no info we can use.


Too bad, E2E crashes everytime I try to use it.. I won`t be able to have a trace this way.


what browser are you using ?
did you downloaded the correct client for it ?


I'm using IE11 so I followed the note and Pattern Book for this :)