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Former Member
Aug 05, 2008 at 02:49 PM

Meta JCo connection issue - cannot have 2 systems for ESS????


I have a finance R/3 system and also an HR R/3 System.

I need to be able to use the FI system for the timesheet ESS screens and the HR system for the others. I have used the iView Application parameter as documented;


The JCo destinations have been configured and do work ....

However the problem is that the meta data jco connection that is used first appears to be cached and is then used going forward for every subsequent screen.

Therefore if I leave the menu screens as they are by default my timesheet screen won't work because the meta connection has been opened to the HR system and therefore the meta and data connections now don't match - even though the parameter has been set as above the configuration is ignored.

I get the following error message

Caused by:

Accessing System DE7 is not possible because RFC Metadata was retrieved

using System DH7. Please assure you have configured the RFC Connections

properly. A Server restart may be necessary!

So if I change the menu to use the finance system then the timesheet screen will work but none of the HR screens will work. (same error with the systems reversed)

Is there any way of getting this to behave properly and make sure that the right Jco connection is used. It is very frustrating because the configuration is correct, I just need to be able to force the applications to use the the Jco destination that has been defined for the iView.