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Termination in Operation ERROR X0203 IN UK Payroll Log

Mar 11 at 03:51 PM


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I am trying to learn Payroll Schema, PCR & Operations and I created my own PCR which I have now deleted it as I was getting in error at the time of Payroll Log run, but even after deleting created PCR's, I am still getting following error so can someone please help me resolve this error.

Please see error message below:

Termination in operation error




Also, please advise what is the best way to learn UK Payroll Schema, PCR & Operations.

Also, is it please possible to provide me with someone's contact number so just in case if I need assistance then I can contact that person. (Sorry new to SAP & SAP community so not sure if I am allowed to ask for someone's contact number)

I look forward to receive a solution to this error.

Many thanks

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3 Answers

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Sikindar T
Mar 12 at 05:13 AM

X0203 Error

Under EG 3 and PCR X020 you have to maintain the Processing class 03 for the wage types in Table V_512W_D.Ensure to maintain correct Processing class to the wage types so that we can avoid such kind of errors.

To learn PCRs and Editing Schema learn from Standard PCRs and Schema, Which will help you to understand the basics


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Hello Sikindar,

Sorry, I have got no experience in PCR & Schema, but I think with your help I have managed to find out exact area where the error could be. Please see screen shot below and kindly advise what I am meant to do.

For some reason I can't paste screen shot here, however please see below:

E *E ****E VWTCL -03 PROCESSING CLASSE *ERROR - CANCEL PROCESSINGI tried to change PCR X020 but the system did not let me change anything so please help as to what changes do I make to make this payroll log working.Many thanks
Nirav Gandhi Mar 13 at 09:28 AM

Hello Sikandar,

Thank you for your quick reply.

I will look into it in the evening and will advise you the outcome.

Many thanks

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Rémi Corriveau Mar 13 at 05:12 PM

To learn, do a seach on sap payroll UK and you should find documentation, visit, visit the Wiki page of this site ( and read the many discussion threads on the subject.

Also, do Payroll Simulations for one employee at a time, with the "Display log" box checked, and drill down into that log to see the inputs, processing and outputs.

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Thank you Remi.

Much appreciated for your helpful links.