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Aug 05, 2008 at 12:08 PM

Leave Request Workflow and Mass Approval via UWL


Dear all,

We are currently struggling with the Leave Request Workflow on our project, and especially with what we want to do: enable the user to do a mass approval of leave requests directly from the Universal Worklist.

Let me explain the problem in separated steps:

1. For the leave request process, we use WF12300111 with the task TS12300097. When I approve a leave request via the UWL in the standard way, the portal tells me that it's approved and send.

2. I check in the employee's leave requests and the status stays at "sent" and it's not approved like it should be.

3. I check in the backend to see where the workflow goes and here is what I observe:

The workflow goes to step step 158 (request approved?) which has this condition: "&REQ.STATUS& = POSTED or &REQ.STATUS& = APPROVED or &REQ.STATUS& = ERROR". If this condition is ok, the workflow goes to the "approve" path.

I check in the container of the task and the parameter "REQ.STATUS" is well updated to "APPROVED" so it should go the 'approve' path in the workflow, but it's not the case.

The workflow follows the 'rejected' path and it seems it's coming from the agent. In fact, in the WF graphical view, it's mentionned "no agent" just beside this step 158, even though the parameter in TS12300097 for the agent is set to "&Agent_0001.Agents&" (so it should take the hierarchical chief in OM)

So, my questions are:

- Does anyone have an idea of a possible solution for that problem ?

- Do you think I should use another workflow for that leave request ? If yes, which one ?

- Is it possible to enable a mass approval for the leave request with this WF12300111, or with another one ?

And I would of course appreciate any tips and tricks on that topic !

Thanks in advance,


David Fraiture