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Former Member
Aug 05, 2008 at 12:08 PM

pallet putaway


i am trying to putaway material in storage type for which i have activated the pallet putway strategy .

for this storage type -007 .......i have 2 storage section that is 001 & 002

nw both storage section are assigned to the storage bin master data

bin for storage section 001 is 007-01 to 007-10

bin for storage section 002 is 007-01-01 to 007-01-10

*if i do the gr w/o po movement type 501 then system creates a TO and shows the destination bin as 007-01/A but if try to put it into storage section 002 system is not showing any bins *

structure of both bins for section 001 & 002 are same or mirror image .

section search is activated

system finds teh section 001 but not 002 even though i have mentioned the section 002 first and 001 next in setion search strategy