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Aug 05, 2008 at 06:18 AM

String Operations which contain the special character '#' in BDC Session



Iam getting a file from the application server, It is having the field seperator # .So i worked with SPLIT statement. Here i found that SPLIT is not working for # . Also i have tried with REPLACE ,It is also not working for # . But i found that both the statements are working for , and space also. So can anyone give me with any other alternative.

Your help is highly appriciated. Below is the code Iam working with.

1) replace '#' with ',' into string-string.

2) split string-string at '#' into

wa_vbak-auart wa_vbak-vkorg wa_vbak-vtweg wa_vbak-spart wa_vbak-kunnr.