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Mapping for Z datasource to InfoObjects

Mar 09 at 12:41 PM


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as part of GDPR work in BW, I have a list of ECC fields that I want to identify in BW using the table RSOSFIELDMAP.

This works great for most of the datasources, however I have noticed that this does not contain the mapping for Z* datasources.

E.g. I have PERNR coming from ECC, and using RSOSFIELDMAP I can see the datasources it is being used by and it mapping to 0EMPLOYEE.

However, in RSA1 I can also see a datasource called ZPA0009 that exctracts PERNR mapping to 0EMPLOYEE, and this information does not exist in RSOSFIELDMAP.

Has anyone else had this issue, or know of another table to cater for the Z* datasources?



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Frédéric Cincet Mar 09 at 01:05 PM

Hi Shane,

You will only find an ECC field in the RSOSFIELDMAP if it is used in transfer rules (which is an obsolete object).

On Z object (thus not present in the business content) only used in transformations, you won't find any record in this table.



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Hi Frederic,

thanks for the quick reply.

I assume this would also be the same for a z datasource, the fields it is using and mapping are not z objects (PERNR -> 0EMPLOYEE), however the datasource would not exist in business content?




Yes, on a brand new BW, you will only find in this table mapping coming from the business content (thus coming from transfer rules built between standard dataSources and standard targets).

=> No customer ECC fields, no Z InfObjects nor Z dataSources.